Hello everyone! The phones have been busy. The computers are overheating. The ink is drying on contracts. But everything is coming together for an incredible Meeting of the Minds 2013!

We are going to “BRING BACK THE MAGIC” this year. So without further delay, let’s get right to the schedule announcement!


First we want you to remember that Meeting of the Minds really starts on Wednesday, October 30th.  Here is the line-up for the Casa Marina stage on Wednesday!

Latitude will kick off the early morning hours during the gift bag stuffing event! You must volunteer for this event to see the fabulous duo from South Carolina! They are always a treat to watch. The music and good times will flow on Wednesday morning. Remember this is a popular event so if you want to volunteer be sure to do it early. We always have a long list of people with smiling faces having a great time at this event! Tom and Michelle Becker always put on a great show!

Jimi Pappas will start on the Sun Sun beach stage by 11:00. Come on by! It should be a blast! Original music and some really cool things will flow from this stage!!

Back by popular demand all the way from Michigan Don Middlebrook is on the stage after Jimi! There is a quote from Bob Karwin that goes “As far as Trop-Rock goes, Don Middlebrook started it all.” Well I will say through his travels with Greg “Fingers” Taylor and opening such national acts as the Doobie Brothers and people like Hall and Oates you should not miss this performance!

The one, the only, James “Sunny Jim” White comes next with his awesome set. The Florida based Sunny Jim is a Meeting of the Minds original. He will be playing all over the stages at Meeting of the Minds. Make sure you check his show out!

The Calypso Nuts are next! Lynley and Robbie are overdue to play the Sun Sun Stage! They are back with their energy and fun. Rumor has it they have worked up some new music for this year. They will also show all over the stages playing with other bands so enjoy the duo who always thrills a crowd!

Kelly McGuire? Yes right on our stage right after the Calypso Nuts! This Texas-based musician will show you just what a great artist he is with his awesome original music. He is not to be missed! Check in early for all this great music!

Tropical Soul! They will finish out the evening all the way into the late night! All the way from Pennsylvania they consistently get rated very high by the Parrot Head Nation! Be sure you plan to catch this group on the stage right in front of the water at the Casa Marina!

Thursday? Well you can start registration early! Brent Burns will be there to greet you with his music! Right at the door!  He never stops smiling and he knows how to live!! What a talent…Come on over!
After you register travel on over to the Sun Sun for a full two hours of Jim Hoehn!! Another Meeting of the Minds must see! Jim will entertain you as you slip into a comfortable chair right on the sand and beautiful crystal clear water. All the way from Wisconsin, he will tell you great stories and keep you constantly entertained with great music!

Girls! Are you ready? The John Patti Project is next. They will show you some new things you may have not seen before! This Maryland-based artist always is a crowd favorite with his calendars selling out every year! The John Patti Project will bring some new sounds from the stage featuring John on steel pans and his band playing some very cool music.

Thom Shepherd is next! Coley McCabe! Wow this duo sounds like they just stepped off the stage at Austin City Limits. They have hits that rank very high in Texas and they are a treat to watch on our stage! This is not to be missed!

As the Sun Sun Stage ends the event moves to the Main Stage. It is the Meeting of the Minds official opening ceremonies. We have something really cool planned. Be sure you are there. “Nuff said.

Howard Livingston! A Meeting of the Minds Exclusive. You will not see him anywhere else during the week so make sure you are there to see Howard and his band smoke the big stage with his killer set of music! Watch for a Coral Reefer guest or two! You never know who may wander on that stage!

Next up is the Ramajay Intercoastal Band with some very special guests. This band led by Tall Paul and his gang is going to light the stage up with some very special guests including members of Jimmy Buffett’s Band! The list will be long and there are promises of some very special moments you may never see anywhere else all week!

The night on the big stage ends with Jimmy and the Parrots!! The energy will flow! The lights will be bright and the music will be loud! Be there to watch a Meeting of the Minds party as the crowd presses the stage! One thing is for sure it will be full-on action and quite a night under the palm trees!

After the stage lights go out, the lights will come on near the water at the Sun Sun Stage. This year if you want to see Florida-based John Frinzi you better come on over. He will be playing exclusively at the Casa Marina! John Frinzi and Friends start the late night with a jam session that will include Coral Reefer Band members like Doyle Grisham. Who knows who may wander over? Did I mention that the Coral Reefer Band will be in town by Thursday night? Yes! They are playing at the Casa Marina! More on that in a moment. Be sure to get a chair for John Frinzi and Friends. It will be packed! See you there!

Friday morning our friend from Texas, Jerry Diaz will entertain you in the morning at the Sun Sun to warm you up for the Street Festival to be held downtown! Grab a drink and come over to see Jerry get us loosened up for a great day on Duval Street!

Moving on to Duval by 1:00!! Ladies and gentlemen!! The Boat Drunks will be rocking the stage on Duval! Get ready for this very cool band from Illinois to kick off what promises to be a great Street Festival! Get there early to get your seat! This band will pack the street with fans!!

Next up…The Southern Drawl Band….fresh off tours from New Orleans to Key West they are ready to keep the fun rolling until 5:00!! They are very popular these days and the Street Festival is welcoming this Tennessee-based group a spot for the first time. Come on out for what promises to be a ton of fun on the street in front of Margaritaville!

Next? You better hurry back to the Casa Marina for the First Annual “Beach Side Album Hour.” This will be on the main stage Friday night at the Casa Marina starting at 6:30 PM sharp! The top-secret Shrimper Dan Band will be playing a complete Jimmy Buffett album from beginning to end!! The best part? You won’t know which album until the band takes the stage! One thing is clear. There will be players on the stage that recorded the original album! This promises to be a really memorable event! This is not to be missed! So add this to your agenda for Meeting of the Minds!

Next up. John Frinzi. I will tell you more in coming weeks about some of the music he will be playing. One thing is sure, if you are a John Frinzi fan you should be here for this very special exclusive event.

Finally to close Friday evening, Parrot Heads get ready for some GUMBO! YES it is Bill Wharton! The Sauce Boss will be taking the Casa Marina stage to perform with his band for a Meeting of the Minds exclusive performance! If you want to see the Sauce Boss be sure to show up on Friday night! He will not be anywhere else during this event! Be sure to be ready to stir some gumbo! This is your chance for some great fun on the big stage!

Late Night!!! After all the gumbo is eaten you can settle in for some late night tunes on the small stage with Jerry Diaz and some Meeting of the Minds All Stars. Be sure to settle in a chair and have a nightcap before resting up for the Saturday show!

OK Saturday. Well. I have to say this real loud…



First up is Marshall Chapman and Will Kimbrough.

Marshall Chapman is an American singer-songwriter-author who was born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. To date she has released twelve critically acclaimed albums, and her songs have been recorded by everyone from Emmylou Harris and Joe Cocker to Irma Thomas and Jimmy Buffett. The first woman to front a rock and roll band she has been on writing credits for several of Jimmy’s songs from “Smart Woman in a Real Short Skirt” to “Last Mango in Paris.” She has written some really cool books describing her times with Willie Nelson to Kris Kristofferson, Rodney Crowell, and many others. She is one awesome story-teller and a lady of many talents. Finally I should mention that the new album “Blaze of Glory” being released in the Spring of 2013 will feature Jim Mayer, Will Kimbrough, and Michael Utley of Jimmy Buffett’s band. Mike Utley will be producing this album as he has on several occasions in the past for Marshall. Look for some special moments on
stage during this performance! Marshall is one awesome story-teller and performer!
Will Kimbrough? Wow. The musician’s musician he is…He can literally play anything with strings on it. He can write a song with the best of them and he has just returned from Key West where he was working on Jimmy Buffett’s newest album to be released this year! Will already has seven albums to his credit and just keeps producing great new music!
Will was recognized in 2004 as the Instrumentalist of the Year by the Americana Music Association – an award that had previously been awarded three years in a row to dobro ace Jerry Douglas. His songs demonstrate a literate facility that he pairs with guitar playing so fluid that his fans created a t-shirt suggesting he’s an alien. In fact here are a few notes! Will wrote or co-wrote with Jimmy Buffett: Nobody From Nowhere”, “Wings” and “Surfing In A Hurricane”. A fourth song, “A Lot To Drink About”, is a three way co-write between Kimbrough, Buffett, and iconic and legendary songwriter/musician Mac McAnally. ..and that is just a few of the songs! Will was one of the guest artists at Jimmy Buffett’s Live from the Gulf Coast Concert on July 11, 2010.

Will is one awesome performer and we are fortunate to have him on our stage at Meeting of the Minds. If you add the duo of Will and Marshall on one stage I can promise many very cool moments. I only wish there were more time to have them play!

Next!! We are overdue to have the entire PETER MAYER BAND on our Meeting of the Minds Stage!! Peter is not only the lead guitar in the Coral Reefer Band he has one awesome band many of you have seen play solo…
This will be the exclusive appearance of the Peter Mayer Band at Meeting of the Minds. So make sure you register early!! You will not want to miss this performance!! Everyone in the band will be on the stage! Peter Mayer, R. Scott Bryan, Maggie Estes, Marc Torlina, and Chris Walters. They are all amazing artists in their own right. When you put this band together they completely ROCK a stage. You know this! Be there for this one!

Next on the stage will be FIVE TIME CMA MUSICAN OF THE YEAR MAC McANALLY!! He is one amazing Coral Reefer and solo artist. He writes so many hit songs if he stopped today he would eclipse many of the Nashville writers working overtime for a life-time as I write this. Mac will play some of his awesome songs solo and tell you some stories that will have you on the edge of your seat. Yes, this Saturday show is getting better by the moment….any of these acts could headline a show…

How do we follow this? Next up….UNPLUGGED CORAL REEFERS!! This will be a set where anything and everything special will probably happen. Imagine your living room where your favorite Coral Reefer Band members sit down and play acoustic instruments without rehearsal or any setlist. This should be a gig you will be talking about for a long time to come. Make sure you are there. You will not want to miss this!

Are you ready to ROCK? It’s time for THE SONNY LANDRETH BAND!! From the USS Zydecosmobile” and “Mademoiselle (Voulez-Vous Danser) Sonny has played on Jimmy Buffett albums off and on for some time now. He graces stages from opening Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival to The Live at Fenway Park DVD Jimmy Buffett put out in the recent past. This will be a very special show with Sonny’s band. Get ready to rock with the band from Lafayette, Louisiana!! There will be smoke coming off the stage when this band plays…As Justin Wilson used to say “I guarantee”.

To round out the night, you asked for them and they are back at YOUR REQUEST. THE ENTIRE CORAL REEFER BAND and CLUB TRINI!!

They will play the hits, they will feature some very special items but one thing is certain, this set will make you wish the night would never end. `Nuff said.

Finally, there will be an ENCORE. A special encore with everyone who wants to join in the fun. I am telling you people. Stop reading for a moment and go to your computer and book a room at the Casa Marina. Register for Meeting of the Minds 2013. You will not regret it….This event is the bargain of the year with all this entertainment! And you get a free ride around town, a gift bag, and a t-shirt!!

To register for the Meeting of the Minds 2013 please go to:

Sunday!! For the finale…JIM MORRIS. On the beach solo just the way you want to see him. You can sit and bask in the closing of Meeting of the Minds and just soak up some sun while you try to remember all of the fun you have had!! This slot is a Meeting of the Minds classic for Jim and as he told me today on the phone it is one of his favorite things to play…I will see you there!

There is so much more being planned for this event. This is just the entertainment part!! More to come in the coming weeks!!

Don’t forget the Meeting of the Minds 2013 Logo contest!! We need all the artists out there to submit the best designs by April 1st!! This promises to be a special year and we want a very cool shirt!
For the 22nd annual Parrot Heads in Paradise Meeting of the Minds the PHiP Board of Directors will be holding a contest for the t-shirt, credential badge, and convention guide cover design.


The theme for the 2013 convention is “Bring Back the Magic.” This song was recorded on the album “Hot Water.” “Hot Water” was the 17th studio album by Jimmy Buffett. It was released in June, 1988 and was produced by Coral Reefer Band members Michael Utley, Russell Kunkel, and Ralph MacDonald.

Please keep in mind that the logo should be a vertical design, it must fit on a t-shirt, a booklet, and a badge. Please include the theme of the convention, “Bring Back the Magic.” The dates of the convention are October 30th to November 3rd, 2013 in Key West, Florida. Both the date and the location should be incorporated into the design.


VERY IMPORTANT…All designs submitted must have your name, club affiliation, and contact number at time of submission. Please submit your multi-color design in a high resolution PDF (300 dpi sized at 14″x14″) or a vector file (psd, ai, or eps), by APRIL 1, 2013. No black and white designs will be considered. ONLY ONE entry per registered person is allowed. We will not accept multiple entries so take your best design idea and submit it to us for consideration.

Your design should not contain any service mark, trademark, or copyrighted material unless you can produce documentation that you have obtained permission from the owner to use it in your design. Any entry not meeting the criteria listed above will be disqualified.

Here is the email address to submit your entries to:


The contest winner will receive free convention registration for themselves and a guest. You will have your artwork on the convention tee shirts, the cover of the convention guides, and on the convention credentials. Last year the logo showed up on all kinds of hats and party accessories, not to mention the Key West Margaritaville party banner at the street festival…

Contestants must be a member in good standing of a sanctioned parrot head club to be eligible for the winning logo. The guest of the winner must also be a member in good standing of a sanctioned parrot head club.

No entries will be returned. All entries become the sole property of PHiP Inc. for any use it sees fit. While every attempt will be made to use the winning logo in its original design, some alterations may be necessary and PHiP Inc. reserves the right to include said changes.
Also!! Remember we need your help filling up the Casa Marina this year as we want to fill every one of the 311 rooms with Parrot Heads! We would much rather spend your money on entertainment than empty rooms!! Since the grounds will be full of Coral Reefer Band members and your favorite musical friends this will be the place to be!! Book now!!


You have to be registered and a member in good standing of a PHiP chapter to stay at the Casa Marina Resort. To register for the Meeting of the Minds 2013 please go to:


Now before we go any further I want you to read the next sentence: IF YOU REGISTER BETWEEN JANUARY 1, 2013 and JULY 1, 2013 and BOOK YOUR ACCOMODATIONS at the Casa Marina Resort you are eligible to get your four night stay during the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Minds FREE! (Wednesday to Sunday) Better yet! It will be a beautiful Casa Marina Ocean View One Bedroom Suite right on the water. FREE! You must complete registration and have your Casa Marina room booked prior to July 1st, 2013. Our drawing will take place on July 15th, 2013 for one lucky Parrot Head Winner!

Here is your link to book a room at the Casa Marina Resort for the 22nd Meeting of the Minds “Bring Back the Magic!”

Booking online you will need the booking code “ZZPAR5”

When calling the Casa 888-303-5717 or 305-296-3535 to book your room we wouldlike to remind you to be sure and use the discount code “ZZPAR5” to get the Parrot Head Rate!

The dates are on the PHiP web site for use in booking your rooms right now!


Yeah baby!!

Until next time, I’ll see you, down the road.


Andrew Talbert
Parrot Heads in Paradise
PHiP Director of Conventions
Meeting of the Minds 2013
“Bring Back the Magic”

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