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Margaritaville is no longer just a “state of mind.” Earlier this week announced the website’s latest makeover. The new site clearly lays out the extreme reach of the Margaritaville Empire.

The site is divided into multiple sections that fully layout it’s corporate reach:

Stay with Margaritaville. Tired of your own boring house? Stay at a Margaritaville Island Hotel or Margaritaville Beach Resort. Are those place NOT Margaritaville-y enough for you? Then join the Margaritaville Vacation Club! You can stay and play in either St. Thomas or Puerto Rico.

Play with Margaritaville. Play loose and easy with your money at one of a Margaritaville Casinos or hop aboard a Margaritaville Cruise Ship and sail away from your worries.

Dine with Margaritaville. They’ve got 30+ restaurants across the world in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Turks & Caicos, and the Bahamas. They are located in such great tropical places like Nashville, SyracuseNiagra Falls, Pigeon Forge, and Cincinnati! There is bound to be a Margaritaville near by.

So Margaritaville knows that not everyone has the cash to visit a Margaritaville in person. After all, you did drop $300+ last summer so you and the wife could see Jimmy live. Well, no problem, mon…Margaritaville’s gotcha covered. Now you can build your own Margaritaville right at home?

Here is 10 Easy Steps to…

Party with Margaritaville!

  1. Put on your favorite Mailboat Records tunes. Strap on your Margaritaville Headphones and CHILLAX!  Soon you’ll be partying just like they do at a real Margaritaville! Just a few things to do to get ready.
  2. Put on your best PAR-TAY attire…Margaritaville Shirts, Margaritaville Shorts, Margaritaville Shoes, Margaritaville Hat, and Margaritaville Sunglasses.
  3. Hang up your best Margaritaville Decor then arrange your Margaritaville Chairs, Margaritaville Tables, Margaritaville Patio Set, and Margaritaville Bar so all of your guest will be comfortable.
  4. Cook up some Margaritaville Seafood. Cover your meat with Margaritaville Rubs, Margaritaville Sauces, and Margaritaville Marinades. Bust out some Margaritaville Chips and Margaritaville Salsa into your  Margaritaville Kitchenware. Pour out some Margaritaville Dressings and Margaritaville Dips for a fantastic Margaritaville spread.
  5. Toss some Margaritaville “Leisure Products” and other Margaritaville “Foam Products” into your pool just in case someone blows out their flip-flop and falls into the deep end. Don’t forget to setup your Margaritaville Cornhole Game (it was a steal at $250!)
  6. You know everyone is gonna get lit up like Christmas so you better have some water on hand but hey, who likes bland, old water? Flavor it up with Margaritaville Water Enhancer.
  7. Munch on a Margaritaville Freezer Bar while stocking the liquor bar! Set out your favorite Margaritaville Drinkware. Ice down some Landhshark Lager. You know it’s always 5 O’Clock in Margaritaville so line up some shots of Margaritaville Rum (all four kinds) and Margaritaville Tequila (all five kinds) to get things started.
  8. Some guests might tire of beer and liquor shots so grab some Margaritaville Cocktail Mix, add it to some booze and toss it into your Margaritaville “Frozen Concoction Maker” to really get the PAR-TAY revved up. Think you might get too drunk or too lazy to mix your own cocktails? No problem, mon’…you bought some Margaritaville Premixed Cocktails just in case that happens!
  9. Since there is no snow on the ground you will have to wait until next winter to try your new Margaritaville skis but you’re about to get wild so there’s no time to be bummed.
  10. You KNOW you’re going to wake up hungover so program the coffee pot to brew yourself some Margaritaville Coffee to cure your ails. Tomorrow’s forecast looks sunny so toss your Margaritaville Golf Bag into the car so you can hit the links manana.

Hey, I tease because I love. Seriously, checkout‘s new site and do some shopping. They ship almost anywhere!

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