MOTM Scholarship Raffle Thanks

Good morning everyone:

First off, I wanted to thank everyone that attended MOTM. What a great year we had with such great talent on our stages. It was a true pleasure to work with Andrew and the rest of the board in making 2013 such a great success.

Secondly, I want the thank everyone for their support for the scholarship raffle. I believe we had record numbers with raising over $8000 this year. The prizes were awesome and much thanks go out to all those that donated those great prizes for the winners. Much thanks to Sarah and Tamara from Margaritaville for their great prizes, Wyland, Try-it of Buffalo, Fast Signs of Fort Myers, and The Paradise Charitable Foundation. A special thanks to those that picked up their prizes and did the shipping themselves. That extra donation on your parts goes right to the scholarship fund.

It goes without saying that without the help of our volunteers, those prizes would have been worthless. I can not thank the volunteers enough for the hard work they put into this years raffle. The Northeast Region stepped up and volunteered for the entire project as you saw many of them not only at the table but working the crowd hard with tickets in hand walking around the Casa grounds. Much thanks goes out to Vince and Cristina (Northeast Regional Communicators) for getting the word out to the troops and collecting the names.

I want to thank each person and if I missed you please accept my apologies as I tried to get all your names down. From my home club of Western New York much thanks goes out to Rae Anne and Alan Swan, Ray & Denise Jaskowiak, Anne Gross, Deborah Diggins, Duane & Angie Tetson, Linda & Dennis Stoiber, Brenda Cohen, Linda Janis, Tom & Lynn Walker, Ken & Tami Deemer, & Mike & Geri Salitski. From Eastern New York much thanks goes out to Paul and Julie Dammers, Larry and Carol Preston, and Michelle Moffitt. Much Thanks to our friend from the Pirates of Susquehanna, Ann Lahr. From The Northern New Hampshire Parrot head club much thanks goes out to Tom Donovan, Carol & Greg Sipple, and Maria & Dan Stewart. Much Thanks to Vince MacQueen for hustling those tickets around the pool on Friday night. Much thanks to Kathie Banks (a former WNY club member and now Key West resident).

I would be remiss to send out special thanks to Joanna Auiler and Debbie Craig from the Philly Phinz who filled in any and all time slots that needed to be filled or someone needed a break or they were just there to help out.

Your purchase of tickets goes toward funding the $10,000 that we give out each year to our parrot head family members continuing education. Thanks again everyone and see you next year.

David Cohen, Secretary
Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc
2013 Scholarship Raffle Chair
2013 Scholarship Chair

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