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From PHC of Charlotte, Rodger Harrison & Paramedics For Children:

Painting It Forward

Remember 17 year old Meybi Kanrina Jeronimo, the young girl that wanted to go to art school? Well something incredible has happened, something I have not experienced in a long time during the many years I have worked in Honduras.

As you may recall Meybi is a promising young artist who is now being supported by one of our donors, so that she can attend the Sacabe Honduras art school in Copan Ruinas. Most kids would be satisfied, and Meybi certainly was, until she paused to look around and see how many of her talented friends were not going to get the same opportunity to study art. That is when Meybi came to us with her idea to help others.She came and asked if we could help her sell her own paintings to help pay for the tuition of another promising young artist like herself.

What an unselfish act, and what an inspiring idea! Imagine one Honduran teenager who after making it into school has that kindness of heart to reach down and help others up the ladder. That is what I call painting it forward.

Since PFC is a official charity on E-Bay we have sent Meybi’s painting back to the USA where it has been put up for auction.

The painting like many of Meybi’s creations is a balanced blending of bright colors, with clean lines, in a simple demonstration of both form and lighthearted enchantment. The clean and simple lines, and her bold colors combine to show the abilities of an artist who paints well above her years as well as forward.

Here is a young lady who is not asking for a handout but a hand up for others. Please take the time to visit the auction and see the painting and perhaps even make your bid. Also, please take the time to forward this email to all of your friends so that they can have an opportunity to be a part of such a good deed for others.

This is a no reserve auction and the frame is not included. The painting will be sent to the winning bidder unframed, and  rolled up in a shipping container. Good luck and happy bidding.

Note: all proceeds from this sale will be collected by Paramedics For Children an official Ebay Charity, and after selling  fees, all funds will be given to the Sacabe school of art to pay tuitions for other students.

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