TouchTunes Broadcast of Buffett concerts to continue

From the Parrot Heads in June 2013 Paradise Minutes to Leaders:

“Charley reported on the Touch Tunes(Tumblr)/Margaritaville bar/concert project.  Margaritaville and Touch Tunes chose seven locations to have these touch tunes parties and that these locations were “set in blood” In essence, five of the bars are actually set to go.  Tampa and Miami had yet to be picked out.  Possibly a bit of guidance is needed to help out and we allowed only Touch Tunes to contact the clubs directly for help in looking for good bars to find for this project.  This project is scheduled to continue as Jimmy is interested in seeing it continue.”

Read more about TouchTunes and Margaritaville here.

Here is the full list of TouchTunes bars.


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