Greetings To The Phlock! – Elaine Hoffman

Greetings to the Phlock!

Well it has been a while since we have sent out a Greeting to the Phlock! We hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying this wonderfully cool weather. We have a lot of great events happening the next few months and we want to make sure that you “Save the Date” for those events….again we want to stress that we are a Party with a Purpose club and that’s our mission. Those of you who have not been able to attend club functions due to your personal situation (family, illness, the economy, jobs, etc.) are totally understandable. We have all been there and done that. We get it and want you to know how much we appreciate your membership and look forward to when you can get back to “Partying with a Purpose.” And as schedules start to “fill up” with the Holidays upon us we hope to see you at some of our club events!

You also need to visit our website and check out the new format! Scott French has done a great job resulting in a new look for our website. Go check it out….

Let us know what you think!!! We are also looking for pictures to post…so let us know if you have them. There are some great older pictures posted on the site…take a look around and see if you see yourself from a couple of years ago….we are the people our parents warned us about! Let’s just say you will ask yourself “When did they take that picture?”


We are forming committees for various events and “things” the club does to Party with a Purpose. Linda Casey and Tim Haley have volunteered to be on our Welcoming Committee. Gigi Davis and Elaine Hoffman are on the Christmas Party Committee. Barbie Sturkie and Pride Haley have volunteered for the Happy Hour Committee. We will be sending out a list of what we think should be under the heading “Needs a Committee” and if you would like too and can volunteer please do so. We would love to have your input into what the club does and how it gets done!!! Remember you make it happen!! What a great way to have a say in what the club does!!!! Please volunteer if you can!

Keep your ideas and suggestions coming…otherwise we operate in a bubble and that is not what we want. This is your club and the Board would like to encourage you to come to us with your comments and suggestions…we can’t fix it if we don’t know about it.

Thanks again for all that you do as “We Party With A Purpose!” Remember you make a difference in all that we do!

Your Palmetto Parrot Head Board

Elaine Hoffman
Tim Haley
Dawn Mackowski-Frennier
Patty Young
Pride Haley
Scott French
Larry Hoffman
Susan Lucas

Your Board wants to provide you with a venue to “Party with a Purpose!” as we do fundraising, support ecological efforts to save the planet, and volunteer our time to those charities we support. This is what the Palmetto Parrot Head Club is all about. We want to provide a venue for you to make new friends, travel to other parrot head functions as a group, share ideas, and volunteer while having a great time!

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