Indoor beach and Tiki bar as your office

Tiki bar and beach in your office

Trada's Tiki beach

Boulder, Colorado, startup Trada has some of the craziest office space in town. It houses a room with an indoor beach.

The customer service folks work there so they call the room “Retention Island.”

The surf is merely paint. But they did build a real wood dock over it.

However, a third of the room is filled with real sand, a couple of inches thick. Naturally, that’s where the Tiki bar is.

This isn’t the company rec room either. Ping pong table, pool table, wine bar and graffiti wall are located elsewhere surrounded by run-of-the-mill cubbies.

Makes sense. The boss’s desk is tucked into a corner of the main room. His door is a bunch of Aspen trees and a massive stuffed black horse.

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