PHiP Parrot Head Discount Membership Card Program

Announcing the Parrot Head Discount Membership Card Program

Good Morning Wendy & All,

The PHIP Membership Cards have a two-fold use, one, club leaders issue the cards to their membership (filling the member’s name in the blank) for use as a general PHIP ID for 2013. So for this purpose leaders can issue the cards to their members as soon as you all receive them 🙂

Two, they can be used as the official PHIP ID with our discount partners that are walk-in locations to prove membership and receive their discounts.

Currently all the discount program partners at the Parrot Head nation level (which we hope to release that list WITH instructions this week) are on-line only, so until the program is expanded in the very near
future, the cards are really for general PHIP Membership identification.

Now PLEASE remember, many clubs have discounts in place with local vendors already (Bars, restaurants, etc.) or are currently working to gain those discounts. This card can be used as a method of identification at those local locations to prove membership. I know one club that photo copied an ID in color on to an 8×11 piece of paper, then wrote on the paper, as agreed to with the bar manager, the discount to be received, i.e. “Customers who present this card receives a 10% discount thru 31 Dec 2013”, and where the members name goes on the photo copied card on the paper, they filled in “(MEMBERS NAME HERE)” and presented that to the venue to put in their book behind the bar. So when members come in and present their card, the staff can verify the type discount and eligibility.

Wendy, thanks for the great question. Though in it’s infancy we believe in the coming year/years this program will truly become a huge perk for our membership…Papa

Chris “Papa” Zuest
PHIP President
Oklahoma City, OK, USA

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