Video: Sunny Jim White’s Tribute to Jim Morris

The Cosmic Magician, for Jim, by James

To all the friends and fans of Jim,

I want you all to know that we took care of Sharon and Jim here in Seattle. He was coming here for Laid Back Attack, an annual event named for his song. I never dreamed I would write something like this, but it was small payback for all the smiles and memories he’s brought to me over the years. I would not wish this on anyone, but it has been a true honor. All of the messages of support has really helped us be strong for Sharon.

Most of you do not know me, but I loved Jim for his friendship, humor, and music. I will truly miss him. Big events or solo house concerts, he never failed to entertain. I haven’t done anything more than any one of you wouldn’t have done for them.

The video below is Sunny Jim singing Jim’s Cosmic Magician. We made a slight modification to it, and we hope Jim approves. We sang it to Jim and said our goodbyes. I can honestly say that there has probably been more laughs than tears, and that’s a fitting tribute to Jim and the people he attracts. There are easily a hundred lines from his songs that I could quote, but one of the first and most meaningful for me is 'Living till the day I die'. He did.

Thank you to everyone who helped here in Seattle, and especially to my wife Nancy who helped me to help Sharon.

I hope to meet many of you down the road, and we'll share some laughs and stories.

Dave Monahan

Posted by Jim Morris on Thursday, July 14, 2016

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